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Join the bike finder network and start generating new sales!

Bike Finder Service


Every day, hundreds of customers tell us what they are looking for: brand/model (if known), or bike type, size, colour, & budget. As part of our network, you then have the opportunity to quote the customer directly. 



per month excl. VAT

Guaranteed Monthly Leads

Guaranteed sales leads for you to follow up and deal directly.

No Commissions

A simple flat monthly fee is all you pay and we connect you directly with each customer to convert. No commissions or hidden fees, and better value than paying search engines just to get traffic to your website.

All Leads Are Pre-Qualified

bikeZaar pre-qualifies each lead to check that it is genuine. Tell us what types of leads you are interested in e.g. specific brands, or ‘road bike’, ‘mountain bikes’ etc. and we will even refine the leads that we pass to you.

Why Do Customers Use Bike Finder?

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to get in touch [email protected] or on 00 44 (0) 3300 080809…we’ll be happy to talk it through.